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July 3-4, 2015 will host the online conference “Psychology in simple words”. It is intended for specialists and everyone who is interested in actual psychological knowledge. On the air, the conference participants will study, play, discuss and implement.

Practicing psychologists, therapists, and teachers will take part in the conference. The main goal of the meeting is to create a place for the dialogue of specialists and people interested in practical psychology.
Talking about psychology in simple words does not mean to simplify.
The conference is online, which means that anyone can take part in it from any city.
The main topic of the performances of many speakers this year is self -help: how to improve the quality of their life with the help of psychology and psychological knowledge and methods.

Speakers of the conference

Victor Kagan,Doctor of Medical Sciences (medical psychology, psychiatry), psychotherapist.
Lyudmila Petranovskaya, family psychologist, One of the leading Russian experts in the field of a family device, a permanent host of training and seminars for foster parents and specialists in the field of family structure, leading a popular blog in Livejournal dedicated to the problems of the family structure, the winner of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of education.
Alexander Lobok, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor of the Institute of Existential Psychology and Life Processing, the author of the widely known books on the philosophy of culture and psychology of creativity, a specialist in the psychological and pedagogical support of schools and kindergartens.
Marina Baskakova, associated member of the European Association (EAVR), coach of the Institute of Tanatotherapy, a Member of the Professional Council and the head of the programs of the Moscow Gestalt Institute, a full member of the European Association of Gestalt therapists (EAGT).
Olga Zotova, coach, dance-motor psychotherapist And a narrative consultant. The creator of the whole direction of BabyContact, a dance-motor approach to work with parents and children’s children.

Arseny Pavlovsky, psychologist, psychotherapist, Member of the European Association of Short -term Ebta therapy. Has a unique experience of helping people with alcohol abuse and drugs. Works with people experiencing the loss of loved ones, passing through the difficult stages of their lives.
Danila Gulyaev, psychologist, narrative practitioner, online consulting specialist and famous blogger.
Daria Kutuzova, psychologist, narrative consultant, publicist, translator, one of the founders of the Russian narrative community. In recent years, Daria lives abroad and has been developing work with written practices.
Natalia Manukhina, Coach, psychotherapist.
Olesya Simonova, psychologist, narrative practitioner, EMDR-therapist, Erickson Hypnotherapist, specialist in working with phobias and anxiety.
Kudelin Pavel, psychologist, narrative practitioner, facilitator, gaming specialist.
Nina Insarova, psychologist, therapist, Family consulting specialist.
Maria Tragel, teacher-psychologist, Specialist in the topic of creative pedagogical technologies.
Svetlana Sergeeva, psychologist, consultant.
Julia Schukina, psychologist, consultant, adolescent specialist.
And many others!

Participation in the conference in online format – free. Details and registration for site conferences.

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